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Urgent American Health Update:

Kept Secret from Ordinary Americans since 1934

'Thermo 3' Lets You Breathe Out The Fat -- You Exhale it as Carbon Dioxide and it's Gone

Now Available to the Public... But for How Long?

In the 1930s, an extraordinary medical experiment showed that calories in does NOT equal calories out -- and that calories in can literally be BURNED away...

...thanks to Thermo 3, that lets you BURN up fat and EXHALE it as carbon dioxide...

With Thermo 3, men are naturally replacing belly fat with lean, hard muscle, improving their erections, and living decades longer than they would have otherwise...

But after millions of men were using Thermo 3...the door was slammed shut by Big Pharma...until now...

In 2019, a new door has opened, and now any man can use Thermo 3 simply, safely and naturally...

But there's no telling when this door will slam shut you'd better act quickly...

The year is 1933.

We're here at Stanford University as two researchers and soon-to-be-legends in the medical field...

...Dr. Maurice Tainter and Dr. Windsor Cutting...

...perform the most groundbreaking medical experiment of the 20th century.

In this experiment, the doctors give a group of men a mysterious treatment called Thermo 3.

The point is to test a theory -- that under the right circumstances, the body will literally burn up excess fat, so that you exhale it as carbon dioxide.

Almost immediately, the men taking it soon start telling the doctors things like, "I'm warmer. I have more energy."

"I feel like I could run around the block without breaking a sweat."

"My pants are looser! I had to take my belt in a few notches."

Exactly as the two doctors predicted.


"I've been getting the most intense erections. They last forever, and my wife loves it."

Which the doctors did not predict would happen to the men!

Who knew that burning off fat with Thermo 3 could produce intense erections in addition to burning off belly fat?

Every single man given Thermo 3 is reporting back to the doctors with incredible results.

And these men are eating hamburgers, and drinking beer every night.

They aren't counting calories or on any diets.

And they aren't exercising at all.

But still, none of these men gain weight. In fact, they LOSE weight.

Each man loses more than 3 pounds of fat a week.

Just take a look at this chart:

In 14 days, most of the men were down 14 pounds.

And by day 30, another 10 pounds.

Their fat is just melting away, and being replaced by firm, strong muscles.

Without dieting. Without exercising.

Without changing their lifestyle at all.

So naturally, Thermo 3 becomes a worldwide phenomenon, almost overnight.

In less than a year after the researchers publish their findings, 20 wholesale drug corporations are selling their own versions of Thermo 3.

It goes by different names such as Redusols, Formula 281, and Slim.

And men can easily get any of these various versions of Thermo 3 at any local pharmacy without a prescription.

The newspapers start calling Thermo 3 the "magic bullet" of weight loss.

And before long, every man in America is using Thermo 3.

Bodybuilders are using Thermo 3 versions to cut weight.

Busy executives are using it to keep their energy levels high.

Husbands are using it to slim down and impress their wives in bed.

And single men are using it to attract beautiful young women at the bar.

Here are just a few testimonies from men using various versions of Thermo 3:

A man named Anthony says he lost 5 pounds in one week with no additional cardio, while eating anything he wants:

It had been a week since I took my first dose and according to my calipers, I was five pounds lighter, with four of them coming from fat (the last pound came from water loss). I lost four pounds of fat in a week, with no additional cardio while basically eating whatever I wanted. Typically, even at an accelerated rate, that would've taken me an increase in cardio and a stricter diet.

Ollie says he used it to lose 30 pounds and hasn't gained an ounce back:

It feels pretty good. I have used it before and lost 30ibs and have maintained weight ever since then.

And another man who'd rather remain anonymous says he lost 20 pounds in 20 days thanks to Thermo 3:

I lost 20 lbs in 20 days, and from what it seems like it was all fat & water and barely any if at all muscle.

Soon it's being used all over the world, giving men great health and a terrific sex life.

What more could you possibly ask for?

And then just like that -- Thermo 3 is gone.

Suddenly, all versions of Thermo 3 are labeled "dangerous" and pulled off the shelves.

The drug corporations are forced to stop selling it.

And it becomes a banned substance just as quickly as it took the world by storm.

You see, this was the Depression era...

And the drug companies were scared that Thermo 3 was the reason people weren't buying as many pills...

Doctors were worried it was eating into their business of treating sick people.

Thermo 3 was a blessing to patients -- and the Big Medicine industry hated it.

Because who needs gyms and health clubs when you can just take a simple treatment?

It was too easy. It worked too well.

And now it would be buried, just like the rest of the health discoveries that THEY don't want us to have access to.

But what if today, this very moment, you can begin experiencing all the benefits of Thermo 3 safely at home... wouldn't you like to know more about it?

Imagine entering a new world... where instead of cutting carbs and counting calories, you eat whatever you choose.

Pizza, hamburgers, pizza, submarine sandwiches.

Whatever and whenever you want.

Except, instead of constant cravings that drive you crazy, you only eat when you're hungry.

And if you feel like indulging, you can enjoy it guilt-free.

Because in this world, you can eat freely without gaining a pound.

You can easily burn belly fat and replace it with lean, hard muscles, without ever stepping foot in a gym.

You can raise your testosterone and improve your erections, and last 30 minutes or more in bed, just like when you were a twenty year old.

Without drugs. Without any chemicals.

Wouldn't you like to stay in this new world?

Well, before I reveal anything more, let me start by introducing myself...

My name is Matt Cook, and I'm a devoted health researcher looking for natural cures to men's health and sex problems.

You may recognize me from ABC News -- I'm the only man they've ever interviewed about orgasms, believe it or not.

And I have more than 327,000 men subscribed to my newsletter.

But most of my work stays under the radar. And that's the way I like it.

Because if the Big Pharma companies found out about all of my natural cures and methods, they'd come after me.

Like this incredible breakthrough I've made that mimics the benefits of Thermo 3...

I was spending thousands of hours reading medical journals, scientific papers, and research studies...

...trying to find a way to breathe out the fat naturally -- without Thermo 3.

See, the beauty of Thermo 3 is that it burns up ALL fat as carbon dioxide...

And this is a revolutionary concept because until Thermo 3, scientists believed only one type of fat could be burned up into carbon dioxide...

Yes, that's right -- there is more than one type of fat.

There are two different types of fat that form in the body actually...

Most of it is white fat, a normal type of fat that gets stored all over the body.

Then there's brown fat, but it's not as common.

However, some people are born with a lot of brown fat, and some even pack it on of if they live in extremely cold climates or take cold showers a lot.

Before Thermo 3, everyone thought only brown fat could be burned off as carbon dioxide...

But here's what happens in the body when you take Thermo 3...

Thermo 3 gets the body to use mitochondrial uncoupling...

...which basically means that anytime you eat sugar or fat, your body immediately uses it for energy instead of storing it as fat.

Your body literally burns the fat up and expels it as carbon dioxide.

You just breathe out the fat.

And believe it or not, the body likes mitochondrial uncoupling. It's healthier and more efficient to burn the fat off, instead of exercising the fat off.

It turns out that breathing out the fat gets rid of fat a lot more quickly than exercise does.

So would you rather run 29 miles to burn off just one pound of fat...

...or sit on the couch watching your favorite movie, while your body burns multiple pounds of fat off to keep you warm?

Sounds like a no-brainer to me!

Naturally, I became obsessed with finding a natural way to do uncoupling safely, even more safely than Thermo 3.

You see, at that point, I was so sick of living with belly fat, poor erections, and small muscles.

I wanted to wear normal shirts, not the big oversized shirts I wore tucked in to hide my belly.

I wanted to change clothes in the gym locker room without feeling embarrassed about my body.

And I wanted to take my wife in the bedroom like I used to when we were young and newly married.

But I couldn't. I couldn't do any of these things.

No matter what I did or what I ate, I was fat.

And no matter how badly I wanted my wife, I couldn't get an erection.

I tried it all.

It was a very dark time for me as a man.

But once I discovered Dr. Tainter and Dr. Cutting's experiment, I knew I was onto something big.

So I flew all around the world, to the University of Davis in California, to see doctors in Yokohama, Japan, to a shaman in the Amazon.

My mission was finding a safe simple way to do "uncoupling" of the mitochondria.

So that like Thermo 3, a man can just breathe out the fat.

My mission: find out how to replicate the benefits of Thermo 3 naturally.

Burn fat, increase muscle mass, increase testosterone, without needing any treatments at all.

And finally, after much trial and error, and almost giving up, I made a huge breakthrough...

I came across a study showing that it is possible for the body to burn up both types of fat and turn it into carbon dioxide... just like Thermo 3...

And you don't need drugs or chemicals to do it... it can be done naturally...

You really can just breathe out the fat!

So I began experimenting... trying different things to get the cellular mitochondria to burn up both types of fat...

And to my amazement, I found a simple 45 second activity that works just like Thermo 3.

It turns both brown fat and white fat into carbon dioxide, which you can breathe out.

Just breathe out the fat!

A scientist was flabbergasted when he saw my breakthrough.

He nods, "Yes, that would work." He was excited about trying it himself.

Because it's true: men can burn up to 1800 calories of fat day just by sitting on the couch.

That's the amount of fat burned in the background by all your muscles even if you just sit on the couch and watch TV.

With my 45 second activity, it's just like you've taken Thermo 3, but without any chemicals or drugs.

So you may be wondering...

"How exactly does the 45 second activity work?"

It works like this... imagine you have a bunch of barrels of gasoline sitting in your living room.

Now how would you best get rid of it?

Would you dump the barrels of gasoline all over the floor or throw it outside in the grass?

No, of course not.

You would use it as efficiently as you could, to keep your house warm and to fuel your car.

Well that's exactly what this 45 second activity does.

Pretend your fat stored in fat cells is like those barrels of gasoline.

And remember -- with fat, you can either breathe it out, or you can exercise it off.

But it takes 4,500 calories of exercise to burn off a single pound of fat.

So if you're 30 pounds overweight, well that's almost 1,000 miles of running.

And who has the time for that?

So what if instead of exercising the fat away, you just breathe it out instead?

And you're probably thinking, "Matt, how in the heck do I breathe out the fat?"

But that's where the 45 second activity comes in...

It takes all the fat in your body and burns it up, so you can breathe it out as carbon dioxide.

This way, your body is using the fat for something useful, like heating your body and giving you energy.

So instead of packing on the pounds, you burn off that belly fat for energy and form lean, hard muscles instead.

So...the first time I used this 45 second activity on myself...

nothing happened...

I expected my weight to fall rapidly. But it didn't.

Though I did feel warmer, more alert, and if I may speak plainly here, more aroused.

But I wasn't losing fat.

I started getting really discouraged...

Day by day went by, then a week. Still no weight loss.

Then suddenly, on Saturday, I knew something was different.

My waistband was a little looser. I could pull my belt in an extra knot.

I hadn't lost weight, but I sure was thinner.

Slowly but surely, I dropped several pants sizes.

I went from a size 38 to a size 32.

And then my weight fell to 175.

Best of all, I started getting really hard, long-lasting erections.

And I realized that my 45 second activity was working!

The proof was in my testosterone levels.

When my lab results came back from the doctor's office, I could barely believe it...

My testosterone had climbed up to 883! More than 500 points gained.

Now I was sure my 45 second activity was working, because the body only maintains high testosterone when it has enough energy to supply its other needs.

And because I'm now burning up fat for energy, I have plenty of reserves to keep my natural testosterone higher than when I was a young man.

I'm breathing out the fat -- it's really that easy.

The 45 second activity has restored my body to the efficiency of a teenager -- it's like I'm young again.

Now I can go out to restaurants, eat dinner at a friend's, hit up a fast food joint...

...and never have to worry about packing on the pounds.

I just continue to build more lean muscle in place of fat, without slaving away in the gym or starving myself.

I've had to buy new pants, new belts, new shirts.

European tailored shirts now, the kind that are narrow and show off your waist.

No more hiding in big tent-like t-shirts for me!

And my beautiful wife of 32 years LOVES the new me.

Jodi says she's never been more attracted to me.

And she's taken to seducing me in the middle of the day! (Perks of working from home.)

Now when we make love, I've got a diamond cutter between my legs.

And I can easily last as long as I want, long enough to see Jodi's legs quiver with pleasure again and again.

This is sex as it should be!

And of course, my friends and family started noticing the changes in me and were dying to know my secret.

So I shared this 45 second activity with them, and then with my students.

And one of my students started calling it the Fat Depletion Protocol and it stuck.

It became my Fat Depletion Protocol masterclass.

And here's what men are saying about my Fat Depletion Protocol...

Tom says his weight wouldn't budge for the longest time, no matter what he did, until he tried this 45 second activity:

I am so excited!

My weight was stuck at 258-260 for the longest time.

Last week I noticed some decrease and this morning my weight was 249.5!

Blood pressure is down on 1/2 pill of both vaisartan and diltiazem with my docs approval.

Starting to get medium morning wood and my sugar is easier to control on less Lantus. These programs work!

Can't wait to get my test results in January!

This is the easiest way to solve my health problems that I have ever tried and I have tried many.

Thanks again Matt!

- Tom

Robert is nearly 70 years old, but he's now getting better morning wood than ever before:


You are my go to guy and I appreciate your informative emails and I look forward to reading them each week.

You always have a little gem or two. Things are improving for this 69 year old guy, and I owe it to a large extent to you and your health recommendations.

In particular, my weight is down, my health is better, and I am getting wood stronger and more frequently than before.

I feel I can probably engage in some sexual activity soon with mama. The pills like Spartagen and Rail gave energy, but didn't do what they claimed.

None gave the Erections like Viagra or Cialis.

In fact, they didn't give any erections at all.

Thanks again.

Robert Margeson

Jerry has lost a ton of weight and boosted his libido big time:

Hi Matt

I can attest to the fact that your protocols work!

I have lost weight and my libido has improved immensely its like I do not believe it and this is just four weeks into the protocol. I plan to get the other ingredients soon.

Regards and thanks again Matt


And James says his girlfriend loves how big and hard he gets "down there" now and can't wait to mount him every day:

Following your advice and wow! I woke up this morning with a full mast and my girlfriend was ecstatic and said she had noticed me being limp and immediately mounted me!

- James from Great Britain

All this from a simple, natural 45 second activity.

And you can easily be the next success story.

With this 45 second activity and my entire Fat Depletion Protocol, you will watch the flab melt away like magic.

A beautiful woman will be squeezing your firm bicep with a sexy smile on her face...

...wondering what she has to do to get you alone and on top of her...

You'll feel fully alive and energetic like you did as a teenager.

And you will have more confidence than any other man in the room.

This works for married guys, single guys, guys with girlfriends.

This works for men who have tried diets and exercises, and everything in between.

This works for any man who is tired of covering up at the pool and feeling bad about himself.

And it works very well for men who have struggled with ED and performance issues for weeks, months, or even years.

Don't you agree that now is the time for you to become the man you want to be for the rest of your life?

The sexy man, the fit man, the man with perfect health.

The man who can enjoy his favorite foods and beverages, guilt-free.

The man who doesn't have to spend hours in the gym just to lose some flab.

This is your chance to be the man you've always wanted to be.

And because you've stuck with me all this way, you're probably starting to sense that Fat Depletion Protocol is totally different than anything you've ever seen before.

And maybe you're starting to imagine how you will be using it in your own life.

Maybe you're wondering: "How can I get access to Fat Depletion Protocol?

How much is it going to cost?

Is it guaranteed to work for me?"

And I'll answer these questions right now, but before I do -- I have a question for you...

What's it worth to eat and drink whatever you want, without fear of getting fat?

What's it worth to know that you can be older and still be in better and better shape, without working out or tedious gym exercises...

...and maintain the sexual stamina to please a gorgeous younger woman for 30 or 60 minutes any time you want...

...regardless of what you have in the bank or how much hair you have on your head?

What's it worth to be able to get your wife continually aroused around you, wanting your sizable, rigid and engorged penis in her pussy... have her rubbing up against you, grabbing your butt and guiding you into the bedroom, or bending over the furniture offering herself to you?

What's it worth to be admired and respected by much younger guys, and to walk into a room full of men knowing you have a better sex life than any of them, and that you have a sharper mind and a rock-hard physique?

What's it worth for your wife or girlfriend to gasp in awe at your enormous load, to practically choke on your huge wad of semen that she adores and wants to swallow?

What's it worth to have those vein-busting engorged erections again whenever the situation presents itself, erections you haven't experienced since you were a teenager?

Men have paid thousands and thousands of dollars to try to lose weight and get better erections.

But to get the 45 second activity, you won't pay the $500 it costs to pay a personal trainer for two months. You will be burning your fat off and you won't need to do endless gym exercises that really don't work anyway.

So you won't pay the $200 it costs for a gym membership in order to try to buff out and hopefully become more sexually fit.

Working out is great, but it won't necessarily make you more sexually fit and it certainly doesn't make you lose flab.

And don't worry because you won't even pay the $100 it costs to buy a decent supply of Viagra or Cialis, which often doesn't work, or stops working...

...and is documented to cause physical damage to the testicles...

...damage that the drug companies don't want you to know about...

No more going limp at the worst possible time... more seeing the disappointment in her eyes... more making excuses or mumbling about being tired or overworked or stressed out or too drunk to perform.

No more wearing large, oversized shirts and hoping they cover your belly and conceal your gut.

And no more worrying and stressing about getting old and sick and fat, and ending up in a nursing home, alone and depressed.

I know I've been there and I don't ever intend on being there again. It's a horrible place.

Fortunately, you have the chance to use the 45 second activity and my entire Fat Depletion Protocol right now...

When you claim your spot in our elite little brotherhood, you'll get instant access to the full Fat Depletion Protocol, a $597 program, for just the low, low amount you see below...

But you need to be quick and claim your spot now because it's only available to the first 100 guys.

My publisher wants some more killer testimonies, and he is going to be charging hundreds for this material soon.

So right now, if this page is still up, you can get the Fat Depletion Protocol and enjoy an enormous wealth of amazing benefits on a trial basis.

This is a 60-day trial, so you only invest if you are fully and completely delighted.

You are only investing if you are entirely, thoroughly transformed in your life and you are feeling healthier, happier, and sexier than you have in years.

Over the next month, that's going to break down to less than $2.13 per day.

About the same cost as a cup of decent coffee.

And because you're part of our elite little brotherhood, I'm going to include some special bonus courses that you won't find anywhere else.

These are not some throwaway garbage bonuses.

These are full programs, full courses that I've painstakingly and lovingly put together and that are valued for more than the cost of the entire Fat Depletion Protocol alone.

Here's a small peek at what you're getting for free:

Bonus Course #1: The Magic of Letting Go:

  • The "Nature's Vacuum" trick -- letting go this way creates a void and amazing younger women rush to you to fill the void. With the Natures Vacuum trick, if you have a special girl you are trying to get, she now is looking at you with fresh eyes, speculatively and not the old way...
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Bonus Course #2: "Sex Twice A Day" Formula

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Bonus Course #3: Instant Arousal Guide

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Bonus Course #9: 3-Min Conversation to Kiss

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