A New Way for Men to Have Great Erections Again

  • Helps boost blood flow ALL over the body
  • Great for men with high blood pressure
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Hey, Matt Cook here, and if you are a man with high blood pressure...

...or even if you have "normal" pressure thanks to medications...

...this will be the most important report you ever read.

Because right now, I'll show you the real reason men have both ED and high blood pressure...

....how to fix it fast...

...the damage that medications may be doing to your body...

....and how to work with your doctor so you can get off of medications entirely with your doctor's blessing.

First let's get one thing out of the way...

Men with high blood pressure often have ED.

And it has to do with blood flow, which I'll explain in just a moment.

But one thing that is very striking is that men taking medication for high blood pressure usually suffer from even worse erectile dysfunction.

One excellent study says that:

In our study, patients taking antihypertensive medication exhibited erectile dysfunction more frequently than patients that were not taking drugs, with patients on combination therapy showing the highest percentage of erectile dysfunction.

So if you are on one drug, you are likely to have a little ED in my experience, sometimes really bad ED...

And if you are on several medications, what is called "combination therapy," then you may be in real trouble.

And it gets worse the longer it goes on...


The techniques discussed in this report are powerful and may tempt you to stop taking blood pressure medications. DO NOT DO THIS.

Always discuss any changes you want to make with your doctor first!

It is my goal to help you lower your blood pressure and raise your blood flow NATURALLY so you can ask your doctor...who will take you off the medications because you no longer need them!

Many blood pressure medications have side effects that are very bad, and that themselves cause ED.

In fact, these drugs can actually sabotage a man's natural erection function!

For instance, alpha blockers like tamsulosin mess with men's natural ability to get an erection:

Beta blockers like metoprolol can hurt erections:

Calcium channel blockers like amlodipine can numb a man's pleasure centers:

And even ACE inhibitors, the most common type of blood pressure drug, can hurt male function... especially when taken with other medications:

And as it turns out, these blood pressure drugs can do even more damage to men's bodies...

In one study I found done on rats, a very popular blood pressure drug caused tissue death in the liver...

And keep in mind, these rats were given a normal dose of blood pressure medication, not a huge dose.

Just the normal amount that a human would get if he were the size of a rat.

And they still experienced liver tissue death... from a blood pressure pill... in normal doses...

Then I discover that blood pressure drugs may actually INCREASE the risk of stroke in men over the age of 50:

Shocking, I know.

But that's how these blood pressure drugs work...and in my opinion, I think they lower pressure in an unsafe way.

Because you run the risk of causing serious harm to the liver and raising the risk of a stroke...

And it gets worse because...

I even find studies linking blood pressure drugs to several different types of cancer...

CANCER! From a blood pressure drug...

Common blood pressure drugs like Losartan and Valsartan are linked to cancer:

I've also discovered that men on ACE inhibitors often develop a cough...

...and now scientists are saying that this cough may turn into lung cancer...

And that using ACE inhibitors for more than 5 years increases the chances of getting lung cancer from these drugs...

And just think...most men stay on blood pressure drugs for decades, if not their entire adult lives!

Finally, even the mainstream media are beginning to report on the dangers of these drugs...

But you probably haven't heard anything about their dangers from your own doctor...

And that's because there's a lot of money in these blood pressure drugs.

They are a best-seller for Big Pharma -- without millions of men taking these blood pressure drugs, their profits would drop significantly...

So now let me shift gears to what I use every day to AVOID the need for medications.

Note this: I don't take any blood pressure medication...although I used to have blood pressure of about 160 over 100.

It's now 110 over 70.

And I used to have really bad erections, but...

Now, in my 60s, my erections are "diamond cutters" and my wife and I are having a great time!

I don't say this to brag, and I'm sorry if it sounds braggy.

I'm saying it so you can know that there is light at the end of your personal tunnel.

My job is to help you get to the end of that tunnel into the bright daylight...

...when your erections are fantastic, long lasting, really hard, a delight to you and your partner!

So remember when I mentioned blood flow?

Well blood flow is the key here for men with high blood pressure and ED.

Take a quick look at the photo below:

It's a picture of one of your blood vessels transporting blood from your heart to all your other organs and cells.

You have thousands of these blood vessels all over your body, and their job is to send oxygen-rich blood to every nook and cranny...

Including the penis, where lots of oxygen-rich blood flow is necessary to swell up the erection chambers of the penis...

...to produce big, stiff, engorged-looking boners that can last up to 30 minutes or more.

However, toxins, poor dietary habits, and just plain aging causes stiffness in the blood vessels.

The blood vessels lose their flexibility and become narrow and constricted...

...and plaque can build up, blocking up parts of the artery.

Suddenly, blood flow isn't very good anymore.

And erections start to suffer -- they aren't as hard and they don't last very long...

Some men stop getting erections at all with poor blood flow.

And the heart tries to respond to this blockage...but it can't pump as much blood as it wants to.

The heart tries to force more blood through these narrow, constricted vessels.

But the blockage won't let the blood get through without an enormous amount of pressure forcing the blood through.

So that's what the heart does -- it turns up the pressure.

Think of it like a water hose filled with cement...

If a water hose is clogged up with cement, it's not going to work very well, is it?

When you turn the hose on, very little water is going to come out...

The only way you're going to get any water out of this blocked-up hose is by increasing the water pressure...

...higher and higher and higher...

...hoping that the pressure is enough to blast the water through the blocked up hose...

And this is exactly why men develop high blood pressure -- bad blood flow.

As soon as our blood vessels lose their flexibility and get clogged up with plaque, blood flow suffers ...

Less oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow make it to the organs.

So the body turns up the pressure to try and force more blood through the vessels.

It's an automatic survival response by the body because proper blood flow is essential to life.

So high blood pressure is a warning that you're having a blood flow problem.

That's why I'm against relying only on drugs to lower blood pressure -- instead I believe you should fix the cause of high blood pressure (and poor blood flow) so your doctor can safely take you off of blood pressure medications.

Because most blood pressure drugs don't do much to unblock clogged arteries that cause poor blood flow.

And most drugs just trick the body into lowering blood pressure. So the drugs seem to make erections worse.

And so men take the drugs and have normal blood pressure, sure... but they're getting terribly weak or short-lived erections.

So here's what I've been doing to enjoy rock-hard, long-lasting erections again...

Every morning, I'm drinking a delicious blood flow shake that takes just 45 seconds to make...

Yes, with just a few sips, I am naturally boosting blood flow all over my body.

Even down in the tiny, hair-thin arteries lining the erection chambers of my penis!

And the results I'm getting are massive...

Because not only does this shake boost my blood flow, it boosts my erection quality and my lasting power too.

And right now, I'm going to show you how you can join me and so many other men who are drinking this shake every morning for all the same benefits.

You'll discover how just a few sips of a delicious drink has the power to prevent heart attacks and strokes...

How it can boost your immune system to make you more resistant to viruses, flus, and life-long diseases...

And how it may even help your body destroy cancer cells -- crazy but true!

Most importantly, you'll see how this simple blood flow shake protects what's most important to us guys...

How to get great erections every time you want to...

Let's face it -- men love sex.

We need sex, and anyone who says otherwise is dead wrong.

Look at this study showing how beneficial sex is to men's health and how it can help prevent disease:

And this study that finds sex makes men live longer:

And countless other studies that prove how much men need sex.

And there's another piece to this sex puzzle that's important...something you may not have heard before...

If men don't regularly get good, healthy erections, they will lose the ability to ever get a good erection again.

So it's use it or lose it, as far as erections go for men.

And I don't know about you, but I want to keep getting great, long-lasting erections for the rest of my life.

I don't want to go a day without sex if I can help it.

And the best way to do that is to keep having sex as often as I can -- and for that, I need reliably hard erections.

And I've found this blood flow shake to be the easiest, cheapest, most effective way to keep getting the best erections I can.

And it's not just me having great results with this blood flow shake...

Roger couldn't achieve an erection at all without Viagra for a long, long time.

And even then, the Viagra only worked some of the time.

So things were pretty bad for Roger for many years and he started to give up...

Then I shared this blood flow shake with Roger -- and here's what he said:

"Now after only about a month, I can get 80% hard on my own.

Not as hard as I would like, but this is a dramatic improvement for me...

And I am hopeful that once the BP meds are eliminated, things will get even better."

Then there's David, who had been searching for a way to restore good, long-lasting erections for years without any success.

David writes to me and says:

"All the other gurus usually promote the same supplements that do not work for me...

...and in some cases make me feel like crap!"

So I talked to David and convinced him to give this blood flow shake a try...and look what he wrote back sometime later:

"I am going on over 1 month and my erections have improved dramatically and my morning woodys are every day.

Come evening I am ready to go 😊 And mornings are just confirmation for me that everything is flowing properly.

Thanks again!"

And there's no reason why you can't get the same amazing results with this blood flow shake.

This shake is perfect for men who aren't getting reliable erections anymore...

...men who may only get erections sometimes and struggle to get it up other times, for apparently no good reason...

It's for men who have tried ED drugs and supplements, yet are still struggling with their erection quality and lasting power.

And this shake is also for men who just want to boost their erections to be even better and longer-lasting than they are now.

You may think you're getting good erections now... but just wait until you drink this blood flow shake...

Suddenly you're throbbing with hot, pumping blood flow down there...as hard as a metal pole...

You're waking up to intense morning wood like you used to get as a teenage boy.

And when you pick a lucky lady to pleasure with your rock-hard rod, she will be blown away by how long you can last.

And it's all thanks to great blood flow, which this shake promotes with a few simple ingredients.

And don't forget -- this blood flow shake also naturally lowers blood pressure.

So if you are a man with high blood pressure or low blood pressure...

...or if you're taking Big Pharma drugs to control your pressure...

You will be amazed by how quickly this simple shake can give you numbers like 120/80 or 130/75.

And it does the job much better than the drugs because it fixes the root cause of blood pressure problems...

...and the root cause is bad blood flow...

Now do you see why I recommend men lower their blood pressure naturally, without drugs?

This is why I drink this blood flow shake every morning.

It's a better, natural way of lowering blood pressure while also fixing the main issue -- bad blood flow.

The blood flow shake helps clear blockages in the arteries.

It restores flexibility to the blood vessels, so they can be wide-open for more blood to get through.

And once you're getting great blood flow again, pressure will normalize on its own.

Your heart won't have to stress itself out working so hard...

...you'll be able to get off the blood pressure drugs (with your doctor's blessing of course)...

...and your erections will return with more strength and power -- they may even look bigger too!

And all you will be doing is sipping a delicious shake in the morning that takes 45 seconds to make and even less time to drink.

So you're probably wondering by now -- what's in this blood flow shake?

Well, being a health researcher, I'm constantly on the lookout for natural ingredients that are good for men.

And many years ago, I stumble onto the work of Dr. David McCarron at the University of California Davis...

And he helps point me in the direction of several ingredients that have been proven to be good for blood flow in scientific studies.

I decide to test all of these ingredients...and it takes me months to do this...

I'm working on this for the better part of a year before finally...

I settle on 5 ingredients that I believe work the best at boosting blood flow in the male body.

These ingredients are special because they deliver the nutrients the body needs to help keep the blood vessels wide-open and flexible.

They also help destroy the plaque that builds up and clogs up the blood vessels.

And they have the power to make blood pressure normalize on its own, without medical intervention.

In this way, these 5 ingredients are very protective for the heart and great for men's overall health.

And most importantly, they allow men to continue getting great erections whenever they want!

So here are the 5 ingredients used in this blood flow shake:

Ingredient #1: Potassium

Potassium helps the body control sodium levels, which has a big effect on blood flow.

Too much sodium leads to inflammation of the blood vessels, so they lose their flexibility and become narrow.

As we know now, this hurts blood flow and leads to high blood pressure.

And that's why potassium is so useful -- it makes the body get rid of the extra sodium through your urine.

Then inflammation in the blood vessels goes away...

And potassium improves blood flow by easing the tension in your blood vessel walls:

And blood pressure begins falling on its own.

The best way to get potassium is naturally through foods.

But it's tough to get enough potassium eating a standard diet.

There are potassium supplements, but you can take too much and that can be very dangerous.

So it's better to get potassium from real foods, and there are a lot to choose from.

But how do you know you're getting enough potassium, but not too much?

I figured out a way to get plenty of potassium in this blood flow shake, even while I generously salt foods.

And let me talk about sodium again for a second... You may have been told that limiting salt is important...

But the truth is, limiting salt can actually increase blood pressure and cause scar tissue to form in the organs.

Limiting salt increases aldosterone -- a mineralocorticoid -- and aldosterone causes inflammation that leads to scarring and plaque build up in the arteries and in the heart valve:

Nobody wants scar tissue and plaque building up in their heart valve and in their blood vessels.

Aldosterone sucks!

And that's why limiting salt is a terrible idea.

Limiting salt doesn't actually lower pressure and it causes terrible destructive increase in the mineralocorticoid called aldosterone:

You don't want high aldosterone -- you want LOW aldosterone.

And the way to do that is to salt your foods according to what scientists call your salt appetite.

But why worry about salt when you can simply boost your potassium?

Getting more potassium is the key, and with this blood flow shake, you're getting all the potassium you need while using however much salt you want.

Ingredient #2: Magnesium

Magnesium is an important mineral for the body.

When you think of magnesium, think "relaxation..."

Because magnesium helps relax the cells. And relaxed cells mean the arteries are relaxed too.

Magnesium relaxes the linings of the blood vessels, even the tiny vessels in the erection chambers of the penis.

That's how it helps improve blood flow and send more blood to the penile chambers for better erections.

But most men tend to be very low in magnesium...

And getting too little can even increase the chances of getting type 2 diabetes:

Magnesium can be very difficult to get enough of.

Even eating bread can keep magnesium from being absorbed -- making most men deficient in magnesium:

And more than 300 biochemical processes in the body rely on magnesium.

It's vital to get adequate magnesium, but you can't just supplement and expect to get enough.

So to make it easier, I just drink this blood flow shake.

It contains just the right amount of magnesium men need...

Ingredient #3: Niacinamide

Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3, but with a different chemical structure, and it has a unique role in the body.

Niacinamide increases the energetics of every cell.

The process of creating energy that gives us life -- this process requires niacinamide.

So in many ways, niacinamide rolls back the clock on aging cells. And it restores a youthful metabolism.

But what does niacinamide have to do with blood flow and blood pressure?

Plenty -- good levels of niacinamide can improve circulation all over the body and increase blood flow:

So just by getting enough niacinamide, you can improve blood flow all over the body and give erections a big boost as well.

And my blood flow shake contains plenty of niacinamide...

Ingredient #4: Calcium

Calcium is super important, but most men are critically low.

And when men are very low on calcium, bad things happen...

Ever heard of the parathyroid gland? It secretes parathyroid hormone which men do NOT want in large amounts.

Parathyroid hormone pulls calcium out of the bones and deposits it in the blood vessels:

Then it turns into scar tissue inside the arteries, and THIS is what causes bad blood flow.

And this makes the heart work harder, forcing blood pressure to rise.

So to avoid all this, men need plenty of calcium.

And there are many foods that have calcium in it, but the problem is that they also have lots of phosphorus.

And phosphorus is like calcium's kryptonite.

It lurks in all foods we eat a lot of...meat is high in phosphorus...

Fish is high in phosphorus. Bread is high in phosphorus.

Everything we love is high in phosphorus.

And that gets parathyroid hormone fired up. Not good.

Parathyroid hormone is like aldosterone we talked about a few minutes ago -- it calcifies the blood vessels, it calcifies the heart valve, it calcifies the brain...

It even calcifies the penis.

Men always wonder at this... If you have hardening of the arteries, that's from calcium...

So men think they are eating too MUCH calcium. But they are eating too LITTLE calcium.

More calcium, a lot more calcium, tells your body to stop pulling calcium from the bones...

...and to take it OUT of the blood vessels and put it BACK in the bones where the calcium belongs.

None of that happens until you boost your calcium levels. A lot.

Low calcium is one of the most COMMON sources of high blood pressure.

And it isn't easy to fix unless you eat precisely the right foods in the right ratios.

But don't worry, I have a solution -- and it turns this complicated calcium mess into something neat and simple...

And that brings me to the last ingredient in this blood flow shake...

Ingredient #5: Vitamin K2

So you know what else you absolutely must have for great blood flow and great erections along with enough calcium?

You need Vitamin K2.

Vitamin K2 helps put calcium BACK into the bones.

It acts like a calcium reset button.

Vitamin K2 makes the calcium leave the blood vessels and the tissues, and go back into the bones where it belongs.

And it clears the blood vessels of any blockages.

So with enough vitamin K2, you will have wide-open, flexible arteries and great blood flow...

And you will keep getting good, strong erections thanks to proper blood flow in the penis.

Plus, as an added bonus, having the right amount of vitamin K2 in the body reduces the chance of heart disease by more than 50%:

That's why vitamin K2 is so essential -- and again, men should get it from food, not supplements.

But most foods high in K2 are absolutely disgusting.

Goose liver, fermented soy, raw egg yolks, swiss chard, prunes... Yuck!

No one wants to eat those on their own!

So I found a way around this problem... an even easier way to get all of these crucial nutrients...

I put all 5 of these ingredients into one simple blood flow shake that I drink every morning.

Every single one of these nutrients and minerals are in this shake, and I will show you how easy and quick it is to make.

It takes me just 45 seconds to make this shake. It's so easy that my wife offers to make it for me sometimes.

I drink it everyday...and with just a few sips, I am naturally boosting blood flow and boosting my erections.

AND I'm lowering my pressure -- in a way that's SO much better for me than taking a drug loaded with unwanted side effects...

One of the things men love most about this blood flow shake is how it is customizable.

I will show you all the different foods you can use to get all 5 ingredients in this blood flow shake.

So you can customize it and personalize the taste to your liking.

For instance, some days I like to go with a shake featuring chocolate and banana.

Other mornings, I'm more in the mood for a fruity drink or if I'm feeling really healthy, I'll try a veggie version.

There are so many different combinations you can try, and that makes it so you never get tired of drinking it.

And I think you will agree that the benefits of this blood flow shake are more than worth it.

Once I started drinking this shake everyday, my blood pressure began falling little by little...

First by 5 points... then another 5 points...

Then 10 points, and then eventually it falls by 40 points...

Until I have perfect pressure -- 120/80 -- and my doctor says:

"Whatever you're doing, keep it up! You don't even need the pills anymore."

But one of the best parts about lowering blood pressure this way is how good it is for erections...

This blood flow shake gets your pressure right by boosting blood flow...

And then you're getting so much blood flow to your penis.

To the point where a simple sexy thought can make your penis swell up and get hard.

And with blood flow this good, erections last a long time...effortlessly...

Until 30 minutes is no big thing for you -- because you are lasting that long all the time now!

And there are other benefits from drinking this blood flow shake every morning...

I have more energy and stamina.

My testosterone is back up past 1000.

My blood sugar is normal now.

And best of all, my erections and sexual performance couldn't be better!

Now I feel confident that I'm going to live another 30-40 years, until I'm 90 or 100 years old, and keep getting great erections the whole time.

And there's no reason why you can't feel this good and enjoy all these same benefits.

You can drink this blood flow shake in the morning too and get your own crazy good results with your health and sex life.

At first, I was only sharing this blood flow shake with a few friends, a few students...

But then it started snowballing and more and more men wanted to try it.

And once it was clear how well this shake works for men who want to boost blood flow, boost erections, and lower blood pressure...

I knew I had to get this out to as many guys as possible -- and quickly too!

So I put everything you need to make this blood flow shake into my Blood Pressure Protocol.

And you can try it right now for just $1.

Yes, that is right -- just $1 gets you the entire Protocol to try out, including the blood flow shake.

That's how confident I am that this will be working great for you.

See, my Blood Pressure Protocol is a hugely successful protocol that thousands of men have been using to boost blood flow and boost erections...

...while lowering blood pressure and promoting overall better health at the same time.

See for yourself!

Here's what men are saying after trying my Blood Pressure Protocol...

Dennis B. from California loves it so much, he's telling all his friends about it:

"The best sex that I have had in over a year.

I am 78 and really wondered if it would work for me, but it is amazing. I will tell all my friends."

Howard S. wrote to say he got results in just 2 weeks:

"Two weeks on the BP protocol and I quit the meds! Pressure was perfect and I was stunned..."

And Tracey says it's working well for him:

"Hi, Matt. The information you gave about blood flow and the ingredients we can take to remove plaque from our blood vessels was very helpful.

I have high blood pressure and the combination of calcium, magnesium and potassium work wonders to lower my blood pressure and better blood flow also.

Thanks a million sir!"

While a guy named John says his confidence is so high, he feels like he can do anything in the bedroom:

"Your material has helped me enormously. I have no issues if you want to share my story.

I have removed with my doctor my evening BP pill. My pressure readings are excellent.

This added more blood flow and power and size so that I am not using Viagra anymore which bothered me with side effects such as blurred vision and headaches.

My confidence in the bedroom is way up as I feel I can do anything.

The last piece of the puzzle is to get a better and harder longer lasting erection without supplements, as many of the supplements on market raise pressure.

I'm a work in progress...thank you!"

While a guy named Tom says this is the easiest thing he's tried -- he's already getting morning wood again:

Blood pressure is down on ½ pill of both valsartan and diltiazem with my docs approval.

Starting to get medium momning wood again. This works!

This is the easiest way to solve my health problems that I have ever tried and I have tried many.

Thanks again, Matt!”

And one of my students, Harold, started out a skeptic... but now he's a true believer in my Blood Pressure Protocol:


I was somewhat skeptical about your blood pressure program.

I am here to tell you that I have been off the blood pressure meds for one week now and feel great.

I'm dating a couple of gals and they both are enjoying the new me as much as I am enjoying my old self...

Everyday it seems that getting more like my old self.

Thanks ror everything,


Ps. You ever down Texas way, give me a holler and come by...

And Jerry, well he's already off his blood pressure medications and performing better.

He says thanks to this, his wife and him have a fantastic love life again:

Dear Matt,

I have applied all of your techniques and my testosterone in 1240 and I am off of my diabetes medicine as well as my blood pressure medication.

I get so hard now I can’t even believe it and I can last forever.

All my wife has to do is simply roll over and touch my leg and I have a diamond cutter.

Me and my wife want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, because

of your help we have our fantastic love life again.

So thank you for all of your help, your courses are everything you say they are and more. I would recommend your courses to anyone who is experiencing problems in the bedroom.

Your courses are nothing short of miraculous.

Thank You for everything.

– Jerry

Even a doctor named Joe has tried this blood flow shake, and here's what he's saying about it:

"Being a holistic practitioner I personally search for the root causes of conditions in my body, at age 67 I have a great vantage point in being able to look back at some of my misguided eating and supplementing practices.

Having found Matt's discoveries has been a blessing. I'm on the road to recovery from severe problems with function in my manhood.

Matt's protocols are not band aid fixes but rather are actual science based approaches in helping men getting their health back on track ESPECIALLY when it comes to erections."

And I am grateful to have pages and pages of testimonies just like these, but I'd love to have more from guys like you.

And maybe now you're wondering...

"How can I try the shake and get access to the entire Blood Pressure Protocol, so I can start improving blood flow and boosting erections naturally?"

I'll answer this right now, but before I do, I have a question for you...

What's it worth to walk out of your doctor's office having been told, "Stop taking your blood pressure medications, you don't need them anymore?"

What's it worth to know that your blood pressure is normal, blood flow is great, your heart is healthy, and your energy levels are through the roof?

What's it worth to play with your grandchildren and chase them through the living room without getting tired or run down, knowing you'll live a long and full life where you'll see them grow up, go to college, get married, and give you great grandchildren?

And what's it worth for you to feel years younger, to be in great health naturally, without pills, and to have great mental clarity, and a romantic life that you thought was decades behind you?

For me, back in 2005, in the old days of my marriage, I felt deprived...

I felt like my wife and I never had the relationship that I craved.

I felt like I never got enough of her.

But now, thanks to this simple blood flow shake, we maintain a special relationship that continues to blow my mind. And hers!

And we've been together 33 years already!

And you can have all of this too... here's how...

When you try my full Blood Pressure Protocol, a $597 program, for just $1, you also claim a spot in our elite little brotherhood.

And keep in mind that this is a 60-day trial so you don't pay a dime...

...unless you are entirely thoroughly satisfied with your blood flow and blood pressure results and are getting good erections...

Over the next month, that's going to break down to less than $2.13 per day.

About the same cost as a decent cup of coffee.

And because you're part of the elite little brotherhood, I'm going to include some special bonus programs that you won't find anywhere else.

These are not some throwaway crap garbage bonuses.

These are full programs, full courses that I've painstakingly put together and that sell for more than the cost of the entire Blood Pressure Protocol alone.

Here's a small peek at what you're getting with these 9 bonus courses:

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Bonus Course #3: Imagine living life in a constant state of arousal where everything you do is fun and exciting, and your sexual energy is at an all-time high...This is how I'm living now thanks to my Instant Arousal Guide...

  • Remember being a teenager and having a dirty thought and getting hard almost instantly? Well this 15 Second Formula strengthens the brain-penis connection, so the brain can send stronger "get hard" signals to the penis whenever you want to have an erection. So in just 15 seconds or less, you are fully aroused and ready for sex, you've got a big, strong erection that women just go ga-ga for...and you can get hard like this anywhere, anytime, it's just so easy now.
  • Most men suffer from the refractory period after sex, where their hormones plummet and their sexual energy is completely drained. And it can take days or even weeks for some men's sexual energy to replenish itself. So I found a way around all that with this fun Edging Activity you can do by yourself or with a partner...and it feels REALLY good...Now erections are lasting longer and partner sex is a whole lot better, all from a fun sexy game you can play together...
  • I found that men often can't handle the incredible pleasure that is coming to them with my method, and they come too fast...so here is the Guided Touching Activity that gets your body able to feel more and more pleasurable sensations without popping off...With this, you are reaching a new beautiful erotic state of pleasure every time you do this, and you can even get a woman to do it for you if you want...

Bonus Course #4: Bring the spark back into your sexual relationship with a woman, even if she's lost her enthusiasm, and get her opening herself back up to you in more ways than one with 10 Ways to Get a Closed Woman to Open Her Legs...

  • Most men don't realize it, but we are always forcing women into the passenger seat when it comes to a sexual relationship, because when we're done, the experience is over...and this dampens her interest in sex over time. So I'm going to show you how to Make the Turning Point, where you put a woman back into the driver's seat of your sexual relationship, which renews her interest in sex and interest in you. Now she's on top, she's dictating the speed of your thrusts, and it's so hot to see her dominant and in control like this -- you are loving every second of it!
  • Women tend to lose their sex drive earlier on than men in a relationship. And it's not her fault. But it's not the man's fault either! Luckily, I've discovered how to revive a woman's libido by doing nothing at all...Believe it or not, it will benefit you to sit back and let her come to you; it's a little trick I use called Making Sex the Woman's Domain which allows her to make the first move and feel sexy again...She is stroking your leg, then unzipping your pants, and then she's sucking you and treating you to things you haven't felt in so long...
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Bonus Course #5: It's time for you to Become the Man All the Other Men Want to Be...and you can, and you don't have to change anything about yourself. This is about bringing out the very best in yourself, your true self...and being the man all men -- and women -- respect and want to be around...

  • There is a simple way of getting ready in the morning that will make you the exact type of man women love to chase. And it's just a little tweak to your routine, nothing crazy. And now the way women are looking at you when you go to the grocery store or the bank...watch out! Women are hitting on you everywhere you go...and guys decades younger than you are constantly demanding to know your secret!
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Bonus Course #6: Touch is everything in a sexual relationship. You want every single touch to feel good and make her want you more and more...I'll show you just how powerful a single touch can be with Touch Her and Make Her Come...

  • Try my Show and Tell Technique to automatically get a woman telling you and showing you exactly how she wants to be touched in a very erotic way that almost always leads to incredible sex and a better connection as a couple...With this, she is spreading her legs, rubbing herself, moaning your name, and practically pleading for you to enter her and give her what she craves...
  • There is a certain move a man makes when touching a woman that turns her off almost instantly, and most guys don't realize it... so don't be that guy! I'm showing you how to avoid making that move mistake -- a mistake that can make a woman stray, and I'm sharing my easy and effective Pistoning Like a Penis touch technique that is my go-to method for giving any woman a ton of pleasure (now I only use it on my wife!)
  • I'm going to share with you something so intensely erotic, so powerful, and so simple...something you can do anywhere, anytime to a woman you're with and get her moaning and pressing her thighs together in ecstasy...It's called my Movie Theater Method (wait til you hear the story LOL) and you can use this even if you're out in public and no one will know what's happening but you two...your own dirty sexy little secret...

Bonus Course #7: Every one of us has some past trauma that is affecting the man we are today. Well, wouldn't it be nice to be free of that experience once and for all, for a brighter, lighter, happier future? Now it's possible with Living Your Best Life Now...

  • I'm showing you how to truly put the past behind you...to leave behind that one particular event that has been influencing and affecting your entire life since it happened, maybe in childhood, maybe in your teenage years or young adult life...This is a way of Clearing Past Trauma and freeing yourself from that shame and embarrassment in one single swoop. And then it's gone, and you're free from it forever, and you're feeling lighter and happier, and women are noticing. They are attracted to you in ways you've never experienced before and it's giving you confidence, more and more and more...
  • Men are always wondering how to build a connection with a woman, and now it's easier than ever with the 2-second Root Focus Exercise. This is a way of getting her hanging off your every word. Even when you're talking about work, she is finding you sexy and interesting and captivating. And you have multiple women to choose from to make your loyal, loving girlfriend if that's what you want...it's all up to you...
  • The Wristband Technique is the easiest way to banish bad thoughts, to avoid negative lines of thinking that self-sabotage your attempts to make a connection with a woman. This is an absolute life-saver and it's so easy to do -- just snap and go -- and before you know it, you are not needing this technique anymore because it's just automatic the way you frame your mind and thoughts, and it really makes a difference on how you appear to other people, especially women. Girls are laughing at all your jokes, finding you witty and charming even when you're not trying to be...and it's all you...the REAL you...

Bonus Course #8: This is a fan-favorite because it unleashes your woman's wild, animalistic side, and yes every woman has one, sometimes it's just buried deep inside...and this will coax it up and Turn Her Into a Tiger Slut in Bed...

  • I talk to a lot of men who want their wives or girlfriends to be more adventurous in bed. And it's easy to get her to be more sexually adventurous and willing to try new things with my Take the Lead Technique...because deep-down, a woman wants to be led -- she wants to take the lead from YOU, her masculine man. And this will show you how easy it is to do this...so that she is showing you parts of her you've never seen before...
  • Use my Oxytocin Building Activities to increase this vital hormone that produces those feel-good, happy hormones that women need to feel safe and secure enough to reveal their deepest, naughtiest fantasies to you and want to try them out. This is how you unlock her animalistic side, her erotic side...and with this, you are enjoying each other's bodies in ways you never have before...she is opening up, shocking you with pleasure...
  • And you're going to love my Planting a Seed Method that is kind of sneaky but totally legit, that gets a woman thinking and wanting to do something that you really want to do too. Suddenly she is suggesting things you've been wanting to do for months, maybe even years. And you never need to mention a thing, she's initiating these fun and tantalizing sex acts all on her own, blowing your mind with her willingness and enthusiasm...

Bonus Course #9: For men who want to spend more time kissing and less time bickering with your spouse, or less time making small talk with a new woman and more time getting to know each other in bed -- try 3-Min Conversation to Kiss...

  • I'm showing you these Wet Words that turn a normal conversation into an intimate memorable experience that involves more kissing and touching than it does talking...and she is loving this as much as you are and it's so much more fun than boring small talk to pass the time...it's tasting each other, exploring each other, and getting intimate on a whole new level...
  • You can also use the Escalation Technique to touch her in a certain way that builds arousal and gets her staring at your mouth and begging you to kiss her. This is a way of getting her to always make the first move, putting you in the driver's seat and never at risk of rejection. Single men love this because it makes dating a lot easier and there are no surprises.
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Today, everything is instant this and instant that. Well, we're no different here at the publishing company.

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We hope that like over 400,000 other men, you will love my Blood Pressure Protocol so much that you'll be back and try out my other products as well.

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Question #5

"First of all, I totally love this. My blood pressure is normal, my sexual health is better, I'm totally loving everything about the new me. I've got a buddy who I think should try it out, though he complains that he's a slow learner, and has a bad memory -- what should I tell him to get him on board?"

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When you enter your card information, it is taken into a multi-million dollar server system that the big banks use.

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