How I'm Using This Sexual Lens Method to Get Girls to Do Anything I Want

So there I am, standing just 10 inches away from her beautiful face, as a crowd of young guys watch in envy...

All eyes are on me...the noise in the bar recedes... it's just this beautiful girl with a challenge in her eyes and me...

And she steps into me, closer to me, her breasts almost touching me...

..this young, beautiful woman who should be out of my league under ordinary circumstances...

Energy crackles out of me like a bolt of lightning and leaves my body for hers...

It emits from my fingertips into her arm like lightning bolts, and I see her stop, close her eyes, and give a little shudder...did she just come?

And she's looking into my eyes with a carnal hunger.

Things are not ordinary. Not anymore.

She wants me bad.

And I know that she is experiencing an orgasmic and electrifying sensation from me...

And just like that, it's game over. She is all mine, if I want her.

And now this is happening to me all the time, whenever I want it to.

Because I've discovered an electrifying way to get any girl to want me, and I'm sharing it with you right now.

Soon you are using this electrifying method to get any girl you want and take her home for hours of pleasure...

...the strongest imaginable connection and the deepest feelings of authentic love and sexual appreciation of each other.

Because if you want her to be your girlfriend, all you have to do is ask.

Truthfully, this works on any woman you want it to -- your girlfriend, or even your wife.

It's a technique that gives YOU the power, so much so that women will be coming up to YOU...

...and devising sneaky ways to talk to YOU and make the first move...

Like what happened to me in the grocery store the other day...

“Excuse me,” says a silky voice in my ear, but I feel her warm hand on my arm first...

I turn around and a beautiful woman in her early 30's smiles at me.

She's got dark hair, light eyes, and a body I want to get to know better...

“Can you get that jar on the top shelf for me?” she says, pointing in the grocery aisle.

I'm happy to help, so I put the jar in her basket for her.

My mother raised a gentleman, after all...

And as I do, our hands brush. A jolt of my energy enters her in a split second.

And I watch her eyes close for a moment and her body shudder a little.

She doesn't know what's happening, but I do...

“Thanks,” she says to me with a delicious little grin on her face.

And I watch her eyes giving me the once-over, from head to foot. Not even trying to hide it.

And in less than an hour, I have that bold, beautiful body naked and writhing in passion underneath me.

As soon as we leave the grocery store, she is ALL over me.

Making the first move, working hard to slip her way into MY pants.

Hell, she's practically ripping my clothes off before we even shut the front door.

And man, does it feel amazing when I finally slip inside her...
I am feeling pleasure radiating off every cell -- full-body waves of pleasure.

She comes again, and again and again...

She tells me she feels such a special connection with me, like we are “meant to be...”

And this is how it goes with every woman I take home now... every single time...

And please, forgive me because I'm really not trying to brag.

Remember, I'm going to tell you exactly how to use this yourself, so you can have even more success than I'm having.

And I promise you that my dick isn't big, and I'm not some super stud with movie-star looks.

Before this, I had a special reason for being just terrible with girls, just terrible.

And I'll tell you a bit more about that in a moment, as embarrassing as it is to talk about...

And truly, it's nothing to do with me... all the credit to my success goes to this electrifying method...

It makes women come when they are standing in front of me.

I know it's hard to believe, but you will see for yourself.

The girl simply melts into an orasmic puddle.

Like Alli -- my dog's veterinarian.

She wouldn't stop calling for weeks, begging me to come over and be inside her.

Eventually I had to find a new vet!

And Shannon from the gym... she got pretty damn aggressive!

Sexually aggressive, that is...

One time she called to tell me she was going to sneak into my house and mount me whether I wanted her to or not.

And this girl is strong too... she works out.

I mean, it was hot, but I can't lie -- I was a little scared at the same time.

But this is just my life now that I've stumbled onto this electrifying method...

A secret that has revolutionized my sex life in ways I never thought possible.

And I'm not the only one -- other men are also using this to have incredible success with women.

RJ says he has had SO many intense experiences with women since starting this:

Normally i had to approach and do most of the work to have a girl interested but since i started this journey, on multiple occasions i had women approaching me! That never happened before, and i today's society i don't generally see that ofen either.

One man who'd rather remain anonymous says his dating life transformed in just 2 weeks:

I had a cute coworker not-so-subtly ask me out on a date on day 14, one I had been crushing on for a very long while, but had mostly ignored me until that point. In fact most girls in my life had avoided me like a plague until I started this

Another man says he finally understands how powerful this discovery is for getting any woman you want:

I went to work out at my Crossfit gym. One of the teachers is a mid aged "lady" who can muscle up and power clean over 220 pounds (so she's pretty manly is what I'm getting at). As soon as i got there I could feel a connection and fun feminine energy out of someone who isn't even normally feminine (blushing, head lowering, touching me and giggling etc). It never happened before. At that point I got it, our vitality unlocks raw feminine energy. and THAT's what its about.

It's all thanks to a little known sexual lens that most men don't even know exists...

You know how when you were a boy, you'd take a magnifying glass outside on a sunny day?

And you would use the magnifying glass to direct the sunlight onto an ant on the sidewalk and set it on fire?

Well that's a bit how this sexual lens method works...

You concentrate all your energy and direct it onto the object of your desire... any woman you want...

And instantly, she feels the flames. She's set on fire with lust for you.

But it's more like lightning bolts of electric wanting rather than flames.

It's common for a girl to climax right there at the bar.

And she is begging you to take her home and fuck her brains out.

This sexual lens is the reason I'm no longer sitting on my couch alone every Friday night wasting away nights watching porn.

Now I walk into a bar, find a woman I'm attracted to -- any woman at all...

And all I have to do is flash my sexual lens her way...

...and have her quiver with sexual tension and sometimes even climax. With all her clothes on.

In public... and she's barely even met me and doesn't know my name.

She approaches ME and flirts with ME, and asks ME out.

The sexual lens is unlocking a secret side of women's bodies, their animalistic wild side where all they want is you inside of them...

I'm confident now to go out and meet real women, to take them home and enjoy wild nights of pleasure...

And I imagine this is what it was supposed to be like for me in my younger days...

But I didn't have anywhere near this level of success with women when I was younger... for a particular reason I was incurably terrible with girls...

In fact, when all the guys were getting girls, I was a virgin... high school. college.

I was 27 before I lost my virginity and I'd rather forget how bad I was...

She had me there, was using her mouth on me, and her hands, and nothing was happening.

I was beet red and sweaty, and I felt like being anywhere but with her.

Then even though I wasn't getting an erection, ejaculatory fluid spills out.

I'm so embarrassed I could die.

And you know how the loads are really huge in a porn movie?

Mine are not like that. A small teaspoon. And we both know it's over.

This was my experience when I could get with a woman for many years.

Having nothing but a flat tire down there... then finally coming with a pathetic load without even getting hard.

After a few girls, I couldn't do that to myself anymore.

I went to a doctor finally after summoning so much courage to call and set an appointment.

Have you been a patient before, the female receptionist asks.

She insists on me telling her about the entire problem so “doctor will know what the appointment is for.”

I could have died. And as it turned out, the doctor didn't have a clue.

He wrote me a prescription for Viagra and shrugged.

But Viagra wasn't any help to me.

So now I was so lonely, so alone.

I didn't have anyone, and I would sit home Friday and Saturday night pining away and watching reruns and jerking off.

When I was by myself, I could get an erection. It was just with a real girl that it wouldn't work.

So awful.

Then I felt so bad about being alone, so ashamed, that I couldn't even look a girl in the eye to ask her out.

A woman might look at me, feeling sorry for me, and I can see the sorry in her eyes...

And that makes me pitiful.

And no girl wants a guy who is pitiful.

Sometimes I tried, I really did. But the girl had all the power...

Once, at a wine tasting event in the countryside, I get up the courage to ask a woman out...

I was there with friends and they were encouraging me to do it.

So I finally get up the nerve and approach her, introduce myself, and ask her name.

And when I ask her out, she just smiles... before dissolving into laughter.

“Which of my friends put you up to this?” she says, like it's all a big joke.

And I tell her it's not like that, but she can't even hear me over her own laughter.

As she's laughing, I feel desire for her... I feel want for her, my penis is stirring as she is laughing, and I feel even worse.

She turns around and goes back to her friends like I'm not even there.

But all of that is in the past... because this sexual lens has changed everything for me...

The first time I used it, I was floored by its intensity...

There I am, driving on the highway right after a snowstorm, and I see a car broken down...

A young woman is standing by the side of the road, freezing cold and looking pretty helpless.

So I stop and offer her a hand.

I'm really careful not to appear creepy and I really understand the predicament of this young woman.

I wouldn't want some stranger fooling around if that was my sister.

So I make her feel comfortable with me, respecting our personal space and so forth.

But I can't help but notice that she's really pretty. Drop dead gorgeous.

Where's her boyfriend in all this car trouble?

And as we're standing next to each other gazing under the hood at the engine, some of my energy shoots out of me and into her, and I see it shock her...

She gives the involuntary little shudder I now know all too well...

...and she does something that floors me.

She moves next to me, and puts her arm around me.

Me, a complete stranger she has just met.

It's like I am a magnet pulling her into me.

She turns me towards her and plants a kiss on my mouth, but not just a kiss, the deepest French kiss you can imagine, with her tongue probing deeply in my mouth.

I'm instantly hard and I know she feels my erection against her.

Then she leads me to her car, to the backseat, and it is 10 times better than I ever expected, even though back seat sex is super uncomfortable.

But it doesn't matter. This is glorious.

And I know she enjoys herself too.

She is so wet, and again and again she keeps seizing up with orgasms that pulsate on my penis and massage my penis, so it's hard not to just spill my load.

Afterward, I call her a tow truck and we say our goodbyes.

Oddly enough, we don't even exchange phone numbers.

And that is the night I realize my erectile dysfunction is finally behind me...

Because not only has this sexual lens unlocked a whole new sexual world for me, it's also fixed my ED.

As I told you, my erection problems were so bad, so pathetic that I doubted I'd ever successfully be with a woman.

It was awful. And too embarrassing to go through again.

That's when I got into the porn real bad. Sometimes edging to porn scenes from 7 at night to 2 in the morning, sometimes every night, including weekdays.

It was safer this way -- no one to disappoint, and I could work at my eventual orgasm in peace, without the pressure of performing.

I'd come home, pop a porno on, and start stroking. And that was my routine for far longer than I'd care to admit.

But then... at some point, it got softer and softer. And soon I couldn't get it up at all anymore.

It's like I was numb down there...

I felt very little, and wasn't getting hard.

I thought, is this really it?

Am I really going to have to give up sex before I've even started?

Fortunately, at the lowest point in my lie, a friend who suspects that I have a problem suggests I look at the work of world-renowned health and sex researcher, Matt Cook.

Matt Cook has coached over 40,000 men including United States congressmen, NFL football players, priests and rabbis, medical doctors, and regular men...

...all helping them get erections and sexual pleasure they had been entirely missing, sometimes for decades.

Matt Cook's been written up in magazines and even been interviewed by ABC News.

And it was Matt who discovered the sexual lens -- he's the real master here.

He discovered how to channel existing sexual energy in a new way, a way that gets women to approach you and express their interest in you.

How to draw even your longtime wife or girlfriend to you for nights of the best passion you have yet experienced, and then the next night it's even better.

It's ideal for men who are dating, or men like me who are wanting to meet girls but not having any luck.

Matt taught a special workshop he held for men...

Matt says: All you have to do is use this to focus your sexual energy on a woman -- any woman you want...

And once you point your “sexual lens” in her direction, she is feeling the electricity.

She is feeling the charge of your sexual energy and maybe for the first time in her life, she is feeling sexually charged even in public...

...even with her clothes on, to a point where she will sometimes climax right then and there...

And she is so attracted to you, that all you have to do is say “when.”

And when you say “when,” she will get down on both knees and do whatever you want her to do.

Your sexual energy is turning her into a sexy, willing slave to do all that you desire.

And she wants what you want.

I want to emphasize this is feminine energy times 100.

There is nothing on earth that will prevent this girl from wanting you and having you if that is what you want.

And all you have to do is let the sexual lens do all the work -- it stores up more and more sexual energy for you and makes this easier and easier each time.

So all you do is focus it on the woman you want and she's yours.
For as long as you want her.

Remember Matt's workshop?

Matt's called his workshop “Extreme Sexual Pleasure” and he shows how we can all achieve Extreme Sexual Pleasure with our sexual lens...

And here is something staggering...

The sexual lens increases the pleasure and connection from sex.

You have never experienced the pleasure that you do now.

Sex is now 100 times more pleasurable than ever before.

Instead of feeling less and less down there, you now feel EVERYTHING.

Instead of being afraid that you won't get hard, now you ALWAYS get hard.

You feel every sensation, it's like a tiny whisper of the wind makes you hard as a rock now.

And the pleasure doesn't just stay in your penis, it travels all over your body, so you feel these whole body orgasmic waves of bliss that just continue on...

...and on, and on, for 30 minutes or an hour.

And since it's fully natural and so much safer for men than drugs like Viagra or Cialis, Matt's been sharing this discovery with thousands of other men.

Eric says “before I was a 1-5 minute man... but just the other day I was able to last 45 minutes, no problem!”

Tony says “I had slow sex, going in between semi and soft, but she came twice, and she's been texting me saying she's obsessed with me!”

And John says, “I was hesitant to believe it... happily I am very glad to say I was wrong!”

Another man who goes by MB says “I'm meeting more women than I ever thought possible. Currently I am dating 3 women and they're all drop dead gorgeous.”

Just one success after another, for any man who masters Extreme Sexual Pleasure -- single or married.

And each of these testimonies is real and genuine, and Matt has the original copies just so you know that everything I say is true.

That's why I told my married buddy Paul about Extreme Sexual Pleasure, and here's what he had to say about it...

“Steve, I can't thank you enough! Honestly I thought it sounded pretty weird at first...

But I did what you told me to do, and holy shit... it's incredible...

My wife hasn't wanted to sleep with me in four long miserable years!

I'd pretty much given up on having sex with her anymore, but now it's like she wants me even more than I want her!

Yesterday I focused my energy on her while she was cooking dinner...

And she stopped what she was doing to kiss me and grab my dick through my pants. She never did that.

And get this -- we had sex right there on the kitchen counter, and every second felt like an eternity of pleasure.

The pleasure just kept building and building, and I lasted so long, it was too late to cook, so we ordered in.”

And since Paul had so much success with it, I told my friend's brother, Dan, about it too...

Dan says: “You won't believe how much action I'm getting...

You know how me and Susan have an open relationship, right?

Well now I'm able to bring any girl I want home, and sometimes Susan even joins in!

And it's so easy, I barely have to do anything and the girls just melt for me.

I don't know where or how you discovered this, but THANK YOU!”

And here's the results achieved by John K....

“On Saturday, my lady and I were home alone -- a rare occasion with a teenage son and daughter.

So we decided to take advantage of having the whole house to ourselves.

I get home from work and she has prepared an amazing supper, and she asks me do I want to eat first or “eat first...”

So I immediately tell her let's eat first and save the food for later.

She responds very well to that and we take it to the couch.

She enjoys herself, but the whole game changes when we switch to the ottoman.

She's the cowgirl, the ottoman is the horse, and I'm the saddle.

Now I truly can say we experienced Extreme Sexual Pleasure.

The firmness of the ottoman really allowed her to feel me inside her, and we kissed and cuddled for more than an hour!

All while watching out for our kids coming home!

It was like we were dating again and hoping not to get caught by our parents.

My wife told me she can see herself doing that 3 or 4 nights a week, maybe more!”

And Eric P. says it's nothing short of amazing what he's experiencing now...

“I literally went from a 2 minute man to a 30 minute man almost overnight.

It has been so good that this past weekend, my girlfriend, who never thought herself to be a sexual person said...

‘I think you unlocked my sexual code!'

She said it right in the middle of making love.”

Even 68-year-old Don is having sex all the time now...

“My wife now wants sex both day and night.

She will be 71 in November and I am 68.

We generally do an hour to an hour and a half in the morning before I go to work...

...and several hours at night...

She has become multi-orgasmic and has extended orgasms most of the time.

Her favorite is with me standing beside the bed and she on her back with her legs over my shoulders or on my chest.

I can easily avoid coming and focus on my sensations and pleasure.

Now she is like a young schoolgirl discovering the joys my cock can bring her for the first time.

Never, in my wildest dreams did I believe I could have such frequent and good sex.”

And you can experience this kind of sex too. Any man can.

Think of any girl you like or if you can't think of one, picture a girl whose perfect face and body you'd love to be with right now...

You're making her desperate to be with you, without even lifting a finger.

It is effortless on your part... and she is incapable of resisting the deep, primal urges she feels for you...

Her body is fully lubricating in an instant, and all she can do is think of how wonderful it will be to feel your cock filling her up.

And first she might say something like, “Let's go for a drive” or “Let's get out of here”

And then she is making her move.

She positions her body very close to yours, angles her waist into yours, maybe even rubs her hand up and down your leg...

She is going to lose control and beg you to fuck her.

And you are going to love every second of it.

You are in for the time of your life with Extreme Sexual Pleasure.

And because you chose to listen carefully, you're probably starting to imagine how you'll use it in your own life.

Maybe you're wondering, "How can I get access to Extreme Sexual Pleasure right now?”

“How much is it going to cost?”

“Can I just try it out?”

I'll answer these questions right now, but before I do, let me ask you a question...

What's it worth to you to have the power to pick up any woman you want, whenever you want?

What's it worth to have women falling all over you, begging to be with you, without having to put in any work?

What it's worth to have whole body orgasmic feelings for an hour or more, any time you have sex?

What's it worth to have the stamina to last for hours, and to be staring deeply into each other's eyes while you are buried deep inside her?

What's it worth to be admired and respected by other much younger guys, and to walk into a room full of guys...

...maybe young 20 something guys at work, knowing you have a better sex life than any of them could ever imagine?

Men have paid tens of thousands of dollars to recover their potency...

...but even if you pay a million dollars, you can't get what Extreme Sexual Pleasure offers.

Except for you... if you're quick about it...

If you want Extreme Sexual Pleasure and don't want to pay thousands for it, you can claim your spot right now.

But you must hurry because Matt Cook is only offering this for sure to the next 77 men.

You won't pay the 500 dollars it costs to have to go to a clinic and get some pills or penis injections...

You won't need any of that.

You won't pay the 200 dollars it costs for a gym membership in order to try to buff out and hopefully become more sexually fit.

Working out is great, but it won't necessarily make you more sexually fit and it won't get you the hours of pleasure that Extreme Sexual Pleasure delivers, every night and every morning.

Don't worry either, because you won't even pay the 100 dollars it costs to buy a decent supply of Viagra or Cialis...

...which often doesn't work, or stops working, and is documented to cause physical damage to testicles...

Effects of chronic tadalafil use on the testes and sperm parameters of old albino rats

M.A.M. Khalaf, M.F. Abbas, H.M. EL-Fakahany

...damage that the drug companies don't want you to know about.

No more going limp at the worst possible time, no more seeing the disappointment in her eyes... more making excuses or mumbling about being tired or overworked or stressed out or too drunk to perform.

No more feeling sexually inferior to other men, quite frankly.

I know I've been there and I don't ever intend on being there again.

It's a horrible place to be, to feel inferior to other men because you imagine they deliver the goods to the girls in a way you can't measure up to.

Well, they can't measure up to you anymore, when you have Extreme Sexual Pleasure.

So when you claim your spot in our elite little brotherhood, you'll get instant access to the full Extreme Sexual Pleasure program, a $597 program, for just the low price you see below.

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Over the next month, that's going to break down to less than two dollars and thirteen cents per day.

About the same cost as a cup of decent coffee.

And because you're part of the elite little brotherhood, Matt's going to include some special bonus programs that you won't find anywhere else.

These are not some throwaway crap garbage bonuses.

These are full programs, full courses that he's painstakingly put together and that sell for more than the cost of the entire Extreme Sexual Pleasure program alone.

Here's a small peek at what you're getting with these 9 bonus courses:

Bonus Course #1: Rid yourself of everything holding you back from living your best life with The Magic of Letting Go...

  • Banish negativity and replace it with positive thoughts and actions that will propel you to live a happier, healthier life...
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Bonus Course #2: How about 30-minute sex, every single day? Now it's possible with my “Sex Twice A Day” Formula...

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Bonus Course #5: Free yourself from the expectations of others and discover how to Become the Man All the Other Men Want to Be...

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And I’ve found men always love being able to confidentially and privately get their questions answered.

So you’ll get to ask questions, and you’ll get one call per week that you can use to your advantage to really move fast on the solo activities if you have questions.

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Still here? Then you must have questions!

I have put together the most common questions right here, so I can answer them for you right away.

Question #1: “I totally love Matt’s sexual lens method. I’ve been doing it with my girlfriend and we are having sex for over an hour, sometimes two hours. Holy crap, this is more amazing than anything in my whole life. I’m only about 1/4 way through the videos. What should I be doing now?”

Okay the answer is this…

Every man is different.

What works for you might not work for someone else and vice versa.

For instance, you can watch in bite-size pieces or just listen to the audio on your phone if you want.

You can read everything back to front and sideways.

Do what works for you and make the process your own.

You’ve got great results already, but can you IMAGINE what a sex magnet you will become as you continue?

Pleasure will grow and grow and grow.

You won’t believe how much you will feel in six months compared to today.

Just work it at your own pace. And please reach out if you want any advice.

Question #2: “A buddy sent me a link to this page and said it’s been awesome for him. I don’t want to ask him for any details because it feels kind of weird. So tell me this, how fast can I get access to Extreme Sexual Pleasure?”

Today, everything is instant this and instant that. Well, we're no different here at the publishing company.

In the old days, we'd put tapes together and package them and mail them. But now we do it a different way.

We don't ship anything.

You watch the videos on your iPhone or you Android, or your tablet or PC.

And you can download the bonuses and audios right after you click on the button and put in your information.

And you get to watch the videos forever, anytime.

When you want a refresher, or when you want to move to the next level, they're always there just a click away.

Nothing to lose, nothing to get jammed up in the stupid DVD machine.

That's all there is to it -- it's so much better than the old days when you had to wait, then you got some dorky big old videos you had to put into the machine, and rewind when you're done and all that.

Remember those days?

Now you can watch anywhere, anytime and you’ll get these in just a minute or two from now when you click the button below and enter your information.

Question #3: “I love this. I’m single and dating. How long will it take to get actual results?”

As you go through Extreme Sexual Pleasure and use the sexual lens method, you’ll find how easy it is to pick up any girl you want.

Girls today are so desensitized with porn and vibrators.

You’ll find that they love, love, love a man who has tons of sexual energy.

Remember the more pleasure you feel, the more she feels.

It’s a law of nature when you use the sexual lens.

It makes meeting and developing a deep connection really easy and so pleasurable.

Question #4: “I’m 53, divorced and I’ve got this amazing girlfriend who loves Extreme Sexual Pleasure. What else is there for me to do?”

Hey, you’re experiencing a new springtime in your life that will last the rest of your life.

Just continue with it! You are already enjoying hours of orgasmic whole body sexual pleasure.

It will actually get even better, believe it or not.

Crazy how when you look back, you’ll be experiencing 100 times the pleasure and connection you are now.

And this will continually get better and better and better.

Question #5: “I’m all in. I’m burning to get this, though before I order, I need to know for sure that my personal information is safe with you. How do I know I can trust you? And what will show up on my bill?”

We hope that like over 40,000 other men, you will love Extreme Sexual Pleasure so much that you’ll be back and try out my other products as well.

For that reason, we totally don’t want a dime of your money if you aren't experiencing success.

So my publisher has this full money-back guarantee and it's always 100% our word of honor with you and never violated, ever.

Not even once.

So yeah, you can trust our money back guarantee totally and completely.

My publisher has this amazing support team always there to help you.

You can email us at [email protected] and you'll get fast help with any issues you may have, including a refund.

You can call 24 hours a day. And we even help men on weekends and holidays, 7 days a week.

That’s how committed we are to your success.

The phones are manned with a U.S. based team whose only job is to make sure you are completely satisfied.

And here's the thing… My publisher is taking all the risk here.

You could, if you were a not nice person, just order and download and watch everything and then get your money back.

And we will give you every dime back for any reason or no reason.

But I hope you're not that kind of person and I don't think you are.

But we’re taking all the risk, and that makes this a no brainer, don't you think?

Question #6:“First of all, I totally love this. The sexual lens is better than you promise. It’s been the biggest improvement in my whole life. At first my wife was not on board. She is very conservative around sex. But now she’s all over me all the time. I love it because now because she is seducing me, pushing for sex, sometimes twice a day, which never happened before. What just happened? I love it, but I’m curious!”

All you had to do is experience those waves of bliss, and she wanted to be on board, am I right?

I’ve seen how even women who are shut down to sex become nymphos with the sexual lens.

You’ve just seen it with your wife.

She’s all over you, all the time now, and it will keep getting better and better.

You two may be at a party, and look at each other across the room, and in a minute or two, you’ll be meeting in the host’s guest bedroom for sex.

You may be out at the movies, touching each other, and tumble into bed as soon as you get home.

Am I right?

It’s so wonderful to have this sexual level going on all the time.

It’s a wonderful new life, isn’t it? And it keeps getting better, and better, and better, and better…

Question #7: “I have a buddy who has literally a two inch dick. He is always complaining that he lacks confidence in bed. I’ve told him how the sexual lens works so well in my marriage, and he wants to get on board in his life, but he is wondering if this will not work for him?”

I’ve seen some guys with a micropenis who have still been spectacularly successful with this system.

It works via an energy exchange, and as long as your cock can enter her pussy at some level, the electric charge is simply out of this world…

...and the orgasmic waves of bliss can continue on and on and on.

He’ll love Extreme Sexual Pleasure and the sexual lens method because it will give him confidence, confidence he may have never felt before.

Question #8: “I bought the entire Extreme Sexual Pleasure course a few days ago and I’ve been using the sexual lens… now my friend wants it as he’s already noticing girls looking at me when we’re out drinking. He wants to know if his credit card and personal information is safe?”

When you enter your card information, it is taken into a multi-million dollar server system that the big banks use.

It is the same type of system that Amazon uses.

And it isn't me that's filling your order.

It's Calworth Glenford, my publisher, and Calworth Glenford uses 256 bit encryption same as

Your card is much safer than it is if you plunk it down at a restaurant or department store because no employee ever looks at the card number.

Calworth Glenford has been in business since 1996, and they're family owned and they're not some fly by night.

They've had tens of thousands of customers and never, not once, has anything ever been messed up with their security.

They have their full reputation on the line, and they're not here to take advantage of people or rip them off or end up in the newspapers.

And everything is spelled out in plain language.

There are no fine print charges or anything greyed out to trick you.

I hate that and I would never allow that.

I hope your question was answered.

Honestly, at this point, you can choose to sit on the sidelines...

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Trying it out is the wise thing because with our triple guarantee, you have zero risk.

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And then you’ll be experiencing this once a day, twice a day, for hours at a time.

I don't know about you, but I'm planning on having Extreme Sexual Pleasure when I’m 100 years old and beyond.

I'm just so excited to get up every day and experience this profound pleasure.

I'm never gonna stop as long as I can breathe…

And neither will you.

The money the publisher is asking here is peanuts, not even the price of a good dinner.

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