Matt Cook's Flu & Virus Protocol

  • How I'm using over-the-counter medications and supplements in an unusual way
  • My plan to boost my natural immunities to flu and viruses
  • What I'm doing to stop flu or virus from turning into pneumonia or worse
  • Why I use this instead of the ineffective flu shot

Hey, Matt Cook here, and when you stepped out onto the street, your shoes were covered with waste...

There was raw sewage everywhere and rats scurrying around your feet as you walked.

People just threw their waste right out the window onto the street and foods were being contaminated constantly...

Of course this was some years the early 1900s...

Fast forward to today -- and we live in a different world of sanitation and safety...

Except in one area -- where we are suffering from MORE disease than ever before...

That area is viruses -- there has been no real progress on eliminating viruses that cause colds, flu...

...and that often result in high fevers, lung damage, pneumonia, and death.

What hospitals and doctors can do is help with symptoms -- antibiotics against a secondary bacterial infection or ventilators to help you breathe.

Well we know that antibiotics are bad for us long-term. And eventually your body stops responding to them after overuse.

Bacteria are often resistant to amoxicillin and azithromycin today.

So pneumonia requires very dangerous and powerful antibiotics such as levofloxacin...

...but it's only a matter of time before this dangerous antibiotic stops curing pneumonia too.

And when you have difficulty breathing they must put you on pure oxygen, or worse yet, a ventilator...

Mechanical ventilation works by using pressure to drive air into your lungs.

The ventilator pressure forces fluid out of the air spaces and allows oxygen to diffuse into the blood.

But are ventilators really a solution when you have breathing problems from a virus?

A typical story: Liza N.-- a healthy 49-year-old woman who sought medical care early for a viral infection.

She went to the doctor and they diagnosed her with a flu virus and sent her home with medications...

...but she ended up in the emergency room anyway with full-blown pneumonia a few days later.

And there isn't much you can do about pneumonia when it's caused by a virus like the flu -- except wait it out and hope your immune system does the job.

But for Liza, her immune system wasn't up to the task. Her breathing became more difficult and she became low on oxygen.

So doctors put her on a ventilator, which made her lungs become stiff and brittle.

Then the worst happened -- Liza's lungs literally blew apart into pieces. It's called pneumothorax and it's awful.

And unfortunately, Liza died before she turned 50 from something as common as the flu.

And I don’t tell you this to scare you or be morbid, but because this is a very real problem we have to deal with as we get older.

A common virus or the flu could kill us. And there aren't many options available to us to prevent this.

Many Americans turn to their government Centers for Disease Control for guidance.

Except the CDC has no real help for viruses except insisting on ineffective and possibly harmful flu shots...

...or harmful so-called "anti-viral" drugs that are not what they are cracked up to be.

But here's the thing... while it is true that tens of thousands get sick with viruses and there's nothing doctors can do... it NOT true that there is nothing YOU can do to fight off a virus.

Did you ever wonder why a friend gets the flu and is laid out with a high fever, for days on end, and may even end up in the hospital?

...while another friend catches the virus, feels a little off for 3 days, but never misses work and never shows anything in the way of symptoms...

Why is it that the same virus causes one person to end up in the hospital, and another person gets it without even cold symptoms?

The answer is in immunity.

And there is a LOT you can do about your immunity -- you can bolster it or ruin it...

Most men don't even know what they are doing to their bodies -- what they're eating, the drugs they're taking...

...and how they may be crashing their own immunity without even knowing it...

And it's not just having strong immunity...

It's having an immunity that is "smart" and that attacks viruses without attacking the body at the same time.

Because immunity can also work against you...

When you get a cold or flu, your nose may run, you may feel body aches and you may have a fever.

But did you know that it's NOT the virus that causes those symptoms?

It's your body's own reaction to the virus -- your body is causing your nose to run, and it's causing you to ache and get a fever.

And if your body's immunity is too strong, that can be a huge problem and can actually kill a man...

Think of an overly active immune system in the case of a guy who is allergic to bee stings.

If a bee stings him, his body shuts down his breathing passages and he literally dies from suffocation.

His body is closing down his throat, so he can't breathe.

A bee sting doesn't do that. A bee sting causes a little pain.

But the man who is allergic -- his body is causing death from a bee sting.

So see, it's not the bee sting, it's his body's immune system that is the problem.

And it's the same with a virus.

People who get really sick or actually die from a virus or the flu -- this often happens because of their own body's reaction to it.

Doctors call this a cytokine storm — cytokines are inflammatory chemicals that your body uses to fight a virus.

And those cytokines can kill us.

However -- if we can get control over our cytokines, we are like the person who is deathly allergic to bee stings, but has an Epi-pen in their back pocket.

The epi-pen lowers some inflammatory cytokines and the person recovers.

So how do we get control over our cytokines?

Big Pharma wants us to believe that the flu shot is the answer...

...that it will prevent the cytokine storm from killing us and save us from flu viruses.

Well here's what happens when you get a flu shot...

The flu shot causes an inflammatory response in the body -- basically a minor cytokine storm.

In fact, that's the only way flu shots can even work partially — they have to trigger an inflammatory response, a cytokine storm, or else they don't work at all.

The flu vaccine makers put poisons into the shots, called adjuvants, in order to trigger this (hopefully) minor cytokine storm.

The adjuvants -- coupled with a lot of toxic viruses -- are supposed to induce immunity.

The trouble is, flu shots don't offer much immunity in most cases.

And here's why I never, ever get a flu shot...

First, the whole idea of "isolating a virus" is absurd to me.

That's how a flu vaccine is made -- scientists try to isolate the flu virus and use it to create a vaccine.

So here's how this works...

Scientists take various tissues from birds, and crush it up and put it in egg embryos.

And then they wait until an embryo gets sick, so they can take tissue from the sick embryo and inject it into healthy ones.

This is called the passage of the virus, and they continue this process over and over again.

And they believe that eventually they will isolate the virus itself in the final egg embryo and be able to use that for a vaccine.

But truly, this is ludicrous -- there is no sure way to isolate a virus.

All they are doing is taking sick toxic fluid from one embryo and injecting it into another, and playing a guessing game as to which embryo is "final."

By the time they have done this "passage of the virus" over and over, the "vaccine" is a toxic mix of an unknown number and type of viruses.

So now, they have a supposed vaccine, but how do they really test it?

Unfortunately, there is no way of testing a vaccine to assure it is really safe...

...because the vaccine contains thousands of other viruses...

Which may explain why roughly 9% of people who got the flu shot in this study suffered severe side effects...

...and this is one of MANY studies showing severe side effects for large numbers of people to get a flu vaccine.

And the complications from the flu vaccine can be very serious indeed...

In fact, I had a good friend who had the flu vaccine against my recommendation, and he's been sick ever since.

When he was feeling really unwell, he fell down a flight of stairs and broke 30 bones.

He was a very alert, capable fellow, a former FBI marksman, and the only reason that I can see for his deterioration is that it started when he got a flu vaccine.

From that point forward, it's been pretty bad for him.

And I've always wondered if getting the flu vaccine actually increased his chances of getting sick in the first place...

So I started looking at some studies and I found out what really happens to people who get the flu vaccine...

In the full analysis set, 23.4% had "influenza-like" illness and 51% had at least one respiratory illness.

Imagine taking a so-called vaccine, and getting an "influenza-like" illness — would you agree that the vaccine didn't work?

And in another study, the people who got the flu shot were 2.5 times more likely to get the flu... compared to the people who didn't get the shot!

These flu viruses are constantly mutating, constantly changing. That's why they have to make a new vaccine every year.

And that means with each flu shot, you get a dose of the harmful adjuvants, which include aluminum and polysorbate 80.

Now all this might be worth the risk — if it worked. But does the flu vaccine work?

Warning: flu vaccines are usually only 14% effective at preventing common flu viruses...

...and they found that 80% of flus don't even come from a recognizable virus!

Which means that you can't even try to vaccinate against most of the flu viruses out there... so what's the point?

That's why so many people who get the flu vaccine get sick.

In fact, the flu vaccine probably makes people sicker, although that’s just my opinion, and why I never get a flu shot.

So if flu shots are dangerous, if they contain harmful aluminum and polysorbate 80, if they contain a toxic stew of unknown viruses...

...then why do they still insist on giving out flu shots everywhere?

Maybe it has to do with the fact that the U.S. flu vaccine market is almost worth $3 billion a year...

It's a big business... huge. So if everyone stopped getting the flu shot, well that would really hurt Big Pharma's profits.

So they do their best to make sure you only hear about how necessary the flu shot is.

Every year, the CDC and Big Pharma corporations launch aggressive campaigns promoting the flu shot.

The CDC is co-funded by huge drug companies...who stand to benefit from selling vaccines.

You're told to get the flu vaccine on tv commercials, radio ads, billboards.

Your local pharmacy offers them, even pushes them on you when you pick up your prescriptions.

They even have entire foundations set up with the sole goal of promoting flu shots.

And it gets worse...despite the vaccine (or maybe because of it)...

...the flu kills upwards of 60,000 people every year in the United States...

...with up to 500,000 deaths annually worldwide...

And the numbers go up almost every year. With no real progress being made.

And researchers say that many flu deaths aren't even reported accurately, so the numbers are likely even higher.

And if you don't think it can happen to you, think again...

Take Paul R. -- a healthy 57-year-old retired police officer from Montana who got sick with the flu in late February 2016.

He had a cough and he just felt crummy. Nothing crazy.

But just 3 days later, he was being airlifted to a hospital over 90 miles away, where he went on to spend 31 days in the ICU.

He was placed on a respirator and a feeding tube, as his lungs started weeping blood.

By April 7, Paul was dead. All from what seemed a harmless flu virus.

And no one can say with any certainty whether the flu vaccine would have saved him.

So what else can you do to try and control the cytokine response and boost your immunities against flus and viruses?

As you know, I never get the flu shot. I don't think it works. And I think it is harmful.

It's just something I feel very strongly about. We all have our beliefs.

And I don't fault anyone for doing what they think is best for their health.

If you want to get a flu shot, you should. But for me, I skip the flu shot and I rarely get the flu — if I do, 5 days later I'm fine.

I have no fear of the flu. I have no fear of any virus — whether it's a rhinovirus, a coronavirus, an influenza virus, or some unknown virus...

Because I am always maintaining a strong immune system...

...and that is even better than the flu shot...

So here's what I'm doing...

I'm following my own Flu & Virus Protocol that I believe is working for me in two ways:

  • Helping my body naturally resist viruses on its own...
  • and by counteracting the cytokines that are responsible for terrible symptoms and even death if I do get sick

I like to think of the Flu & Virus Protocol like a limiter on my car engine.

The limiter won't let me rev the engine so high that it breaks the engine...

Well, same thing with my Protocol.

I believe it will rev up my immunity -- but that it won't let my immunity get so get out of hand that it kills me with the dreaded cytokine storm.

I'm hoping my Flu & Virus Protocol is like installing a special defense system for my body's immunities.

Because there is no cure, no vaccine, no magic pill... every person who gets a virus must rely upon his or her own defenses to get well.

And even if there is a "vaccine" for viruses, like the flu vaccine, as you know now, it is no sure thing...

Remember: The only way to recover from most viral illness is with your own body fighting it off and restoring you to health.

So with my Flu & Virus Protocol, I've been using simple, safe supplements to naturally boost my body's defenses.

Then I can prevent the cytokine storm that weakens so many people and leads to hospitalizations and even deaths...

This is a way to make my own luck.

Instead of waiting around, worrying about whether I get sick or not...

So if somebody comes into the office not feeling well, or one of the kids carries a bug home from school -- I don’t have to worry about catching it next.

Because I’m using supplements and OTC medications in a unique way, to hopefully bolster my natural immunities so that I never catch a virus or the flu again.

And if I do get sick, my body can fight it off quicker without triggering the dangerous cytokine storm that kills so many people.

Like when I used my Flu & Virus Protocol to help me beat a terrible virus I got during the COVID-19 pandemic...

I got the virus, but here I am now, completely healthy.

The doctor diagnosed it -- I didn't get a test for it because the tests at the time were highly inaccurate, but I sure had all the symptoms...

But I was not hospitalized. I did not have any severe breathing problems.

I just felt crappy for a few days, and some days were worse than others.

Fever, headaches, general body aches and feeling unwell.

But I'm here now to tell you about it. And I think that's because of what I've been doing...

Take a peek at what's inside my FREE Flu & Virus Protocol:

  • Discover a cold medication that displays antiviral activity...Here's the cold medication I'm taking and how I am taking advantage of this powerful antiviral that you find at any drugstore...
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  • What I'm planning on doing if I get full-scale flu symptoms, so that I feel more comfortable and hopefully the fever and symptoms pass quickly...
  • ...and MUCH more...

Note that I am not urging you to use my Flu & Virus Protocol INSTEAD of medical attention!

I am suggesting you try this to avoid the NEED for medical attention.

There are many ways to build immunity, and careful research shows this is my best bet.

Remember, it's the cytokine storm that is responsible quite often for deaths.

So if I keep my cells energized and my body well nourished, my immune system can be strong.

And I am using my findings for any illness I get -- to hopefully boost my immunity and avoid feeling sick at all.

My personal goal is to stay well and healthy so I never have the need to see a doctor.

It’s all part of my plan to live to 120 years old.

And right now, I'm giving away my Flu & Virus Protocol for free in the hopes that you will find it useful.

If it works for me, why not you too? So give it a try, you have nothing to lose.

Click to get my FREE Flu & Virus Protocol

And if you're still here, you probably have some questions for me...

And I hope to answer them right now!

So I've put the most frequently asked questions below with the information you need to feel confident about trying my Flu & Virus Protocol for yourself.

Question 1: When do I start the Flu & Virus Protocol?

I use the Flu & Virus Protocol year-round, to ensure my immunities stay high all the time.

This is how I'm using it to prevent myself from getting sick in the first place.

And if I do get sick, I can hopefully fight it off more quickly before it gets any worse.

Question 2: Is this Protocol safe to use long-term?

Absolutely. I use this Protocol year-round without any negative side effects.

These supplements and OTC medications are good for the body the way I'm using them, and completely safe.

Question 3: Are the supplements and OTC meds expensive?

Not at all. All of the supplements I'm using in my Flu & Virus Protocol are really common and can be found at any food or health store for cheap.

And it's much cheaper than having to be hospitalized, I can tell you that!

Question 4: Is this Protocol safe to use while taking my other medications?

You always need to check with your doctor if you are on medications -- before taking supplements or starting a new Protocol that may interfere with what you are taking.

That said, most of what's in my Flu & Virus Protocol can be easily done with your doctor's blessing -- and there are a few drugs in there that, should you need them, you will want to get from your doctor.

These are NOT the so-called "anti viral" drugs such as Tamiflu. Tamiflu and related drugs don't work and can make things worse.

Most people using the Flu & Virus Protocol won't need prescription drugs at all -- and most people are in good health generally and won't have to worry about drug interactions but it is always good to check.

Question 5: Is your Flu & Virus Protocol really free?

Absolutely. You can get my Flu & Virus Protocol for free today...

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